EU Mobility Package I: What the Mobility Package means for your fleet


Use the EU Mobility Package I to your advantage

New labour and traffic law provisions will come into force with the EU Mobility Package I. Take the opportunity now to optimise your work processes and reduce costs: VDO offers you smart solutions – “all from a single source” – to comply with legal regulations at national and European levels – with smart tachographs, apps and services.


Equipped for the future with smart tachographs from VDO

A requirement of the EU Mobility Package I: From 21.08.2023, newly registered vehicles from 3.5 tons must be equipped with intelligent tachographs of the second version, such as the DTCO® 4.1. The DTCO® 4.1 can automatically detect and store a vehicle's border crossings, log the position and time during the loading and unloading process, and record this information together with driver and vehicle data for as long as required by the new EU Mobility Package regulations. The DTCO® 4.1 is one of the first industrial devices to use the authentication signal (OS-NMA) from the European Galileo satellites. This upgrades the tachograph and prepares it for the future.

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All newly registered vehicles with a permissible total weight of more than 3.5 t must be equipped with second-version smart tachographs (Gen 2).

Older analogue or digital tachographs (Gen1) in all cross-border traffic vehicles with a permissible total weight of more than 3.5 t must be replaced by the second version of the smart tachograph (Gen2).

Vehicles with a permissible total weight of more than 3.5 t in cross-border traffic equipped with the first version of the smart tachograph (Gen2) must be equipped with the second version of the smart tachograph.

Commercial vehicles in cross-border traffic with a permissible total weight of more than 2.5 t must also be equipped with the second version of smart tachographs (Gen2).

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VDO Fleet Services

Legally compliant and efficient: Benefit from our cross-border traffic and data archiving services when retrofitting as part of EU Mobility Package I. As a fleet manager, you can exploit the full potential of your smart VDO tachographs.


VDO Fleet Tachograph Management addresses the different national working time regulations within Europe, such as those on night work. You can inform your drivers about the remaining operating times with automatically generated driver letters.

The VDO Fleet Catalogue of Fines service combines the data from the DTCO® with the type of violation and the associated, country-specific amount of the fine. This way, you can determine the current risk of fines for the fleet and individual drivers after each data download from the tachograph.

The VDO Fleet Scorecard (ERRU) service gives you an overview of all violations in the fleet and per driver with just two mouse clicks. You can see immediately whether there is a risk of exceeding specific limit values and whether planning errors or the misconduct of individual drivers are the cause of the violations.

The new DTCO® 4.1 will also make it much easier for drivers to document the crossing of national borders. The VDO Fleet Tachograph Management service supports your fleet management by integrating the various national regulations in scheduling and also integrating wage calculations (in future).

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